“I believed in God before I came to camp, but I was not sure Jesus was real. Now I know and Jesus is AWESOME!”
“God has worked through so many of the folks at Camp Dellwater. I can honestly say that the experiences I have had here this week have completely changed my life. Some of my scars and burdens, which I have been carrying for years, have been healed and lifted! God is so good! Thank you for all the work you do.”
Before I came to camp I was on my way to Hell. I hated everyone and every part of my life, but God saved me.”
“I came this year with a lot of problems. I came with hate and a lot of anger. I did not want to come. I begged them not to send me here, but I am glad they did. All my foundations were broken this last year. My heart was full of arrows. This year at camp, I rededicated my life to God. Thanks to all the people who prayed for me and showed me God really loves me. Thank you for bringing joy and happiness back in my life.”
What impacted me most was the pain, grief and sadness that I not only heard in the words of these girls, but that I saw in their eyes. I ended up staying till the end of camp and was blown away by the impact God might have, through me, to these girls.”
“This year I hated my life. I tried to commit suicide 3 times. Last night after … prayed for me, I started to cry because they prayed for me and thanked God for my life. I wasn’t depressed anymore, I didn’t want to die.”